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We are professional beekeeping equipment integrated design, development, production and export of foreign trade companies. After 14 years of development, we become the pioneer in China's apiculture production tools.

We have three workshops. One is plastic beekeeping equipment such as the bee feeder, cellular entrance, queen excluder, queen breeding system and honey, etc. The other is a metal and stainless steel beekeeping tools like honey extractor, the bee smoker and honeycomb tools. We can provide all kinds of standard size suitable for the most common framework. The last is a wood workshop, production of beehive,hive frame and wax foundation.

Our products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions. Perfect design, excellent production and quick response to all of our customers with the best experience. Try to shorten the time of delivery is always to match your needs.

We also provide high quality of bee products, such as honey, bee pollen, propolis and bee venom. We can do OEM and odm.